Sell A Home

  • $500 to list the property in MLS®.  This covers our time to meet you, the Seller, complete the listing agreement, evaluate the property, get all the right information to market it well, and do the MLS data entry. The $500 also gets you a Crawford Realty yard sign and a directional sign to guide traffic to your door.
  • ½ of 1% at closing*. Once you get an offer, Crawford Realty helps you negotiate the offer to a binding contract and then coaches you to get through all the pitfalls on the way to your successful closing celebration. (* $500 minimum at closing)

The a la carte services in our “Fee for Service” menu that Sellers choose most frequently are:

  • $100 for an electronic lockbox.  This gives 4,000 agents the ability to enter and show your home according to your instructions (and with your knowledge) without you having to be there.  In today’s tough real estate market, no one can afford to miss even ONE showing to that prospect who might become your Buyer!  (If you want to buy your own combo lock, Crawford Realty doesn’t charge the $100.)
  • $100 for digital pictures to place in all the listings.  Done at the time we come to your home to list, we add photos to all the listings.  The more photos, the longer prospects will look at your listing.  A picture really IS worth a thousand words.  (If you can email us digital photos, we add them to the listings for you at no charge.) 
  • 2.5-3% Selling Commission to the Buyer’s agent: YOU, the Seller, determine how much you will offer a Buyer’s Agent to bring you a Buyer.  If your eventual Buyer doesn’t have an agent, then we don’t take that money from you, like other Realtors® do who have already written the 6% commission into your listing agreement.

We offer many other services, all priced individually, such as holding open houses and printing flyers. But our Sellers usually tell us that they would rather do these things themselves and save the money.  The less they spend in commissions and fees, the more competitive they can be with their price—and the more they can walk away with from the closing table.  Our sellers can often make a deal just BECAUSE they’re not locked into a 6% commission that they would have had to build into their asking price.  Many save as much as 5½% over the cost of their neighbors’ traditional full-price listings.

Other Flexible Listing options

As a Full Service Brokerage, Crawford Realty in Alabama, LLC has other Flexible Program Options,including our up-front Hybrid Flat Fee Program described above, a Percentage Fee Paid-When-Sold Program, and other options for more traditional Full percentage listings.  We can offer you a program designed to fit YOUR budget and YOUR marketing needs